Spencer Edwards

Spencer Edwards

Emperor of the Galaxy

Available from the 28th November, 2023

When I decided to write about Spencer’s adventures, I took the decision early on to make all the science and technology stuff in it plausible. That means it is all actually based on current cutting edge knowledge and just might be possible in future. Of course, we aren’t there yet, but one day we might be. I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if you found yourself with your very own Bradlii before too long...

It’s really important to me that Spencer is believable, and by that I mean you can identify with him and the Galaxy in which he has his adventures. Wherever you read about a star system, or a “factoid” you can be sure that it is based on real science. Of course I’ve done a lot of speculating and “what if’s” but I haven’t just invented stuff for the sake of it.  I have given myself brain strain on more than one occasion though!

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