Spencer Edwards

Spencer Edwards

Emperor of the Galaxy

Available 28th November, 2023

Welcome to Spencer’s home on the web. Here you will be able to learn more about this new and unlikely hero, Amy, Bradlii and the rest of the team.

Check out the blog for news, competitions and updates on the next book (I’ve nearly finished writing it!)

I first had the idea for Spencer Edwards: Emperor of the Galaxy not long after my previous book (and bestseller!) “The Lost Case Files of Sherlock Holmes” was published in November 2020. I’ve always loved sci-fi and space, but I’d always wanted to make it fun, exciting and appealing to as wide an audience as possible.

Spencer is you, or at least he could be, and so could Amy. Join them and their friends on the most spectacular adventure as they battle the evil Haxenaar and his hordes while at the same time dealing with all those challenges that young adulthood brings.

If you like Spencer Edwards: Emperor of the Galaxy, then I hope you will also enjoy the next book in the series – keep checking back here for updates from me on the next thrilling adventure.

Love and adventures beyond imagining to you all,


Like the Artwork?

Spectacular isn’t it? It was produced by Adi Granov, one of the world’s leading artists for Marvel. You can win some signed posters, bookmarks and learn more about Adi and his incredible talent on this site.

Adi and I worked on the “look” for Spencer and his friends, but then Adi worked his magic. When I first saw his early sketches I was stunned – he had got them all just right and exactly as I imagined them when I wrote the book.