A huge welcome from me!

A huge welcome from me!

28 days ago

Wherever you are in the world, or off-world, I am delighted you dropped by! If you are here, whether by internet or Galactic QComms, every species in the known galaxy is welcome!

I am going to be posting more info about Spencer and his friends here, along with updates on the next book, and hopefully the one after that.

Writing about Spencer, Amy and the crew's incredible adventures has been exciting and challenging. After all, when the setting is the entire Galaxy, and you can go anywhere, what would you like to see and do the most?

You can contact me via this website, or check out my social media links (I'm not the best with social media, but with your help I'm sure I'll get better...) ;-)

I really want your feedback too. Spencer belongs to you now, so if you have ideas and suggestions, then I want to hear them. Who are your favourite characters? Which species would you like to know more about? Who really, really, wants their own Bradlii? (Sorry, I can't supply one of those yet!).

There will also be some competitions here before long (so keep checking back) and more besides.

Love to you all,